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iPad Pro

Until a couple of months ago, I was still using an iPad 2. Well, recently I had been actually using it a lot less, but it was still the iPad I used. iPad 2 is almost pre-historic in tech-terms, so obviously I needed a new one.

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Xcode 7 and Liftoff

I use a cool little thing called Liftoff to create new Xcode projects. Liftoff is, as the README says, a ‘CLI for creating and configuring new Xcode projects’. It’s Open Source, and maintained by thoughtbot. It’s really pretty useful, easily creating well-structured, consistent Xcode projects for you.

After upgrading to Xcode 7, though, a few seconds after opening any of my projects, Xcode would crash. Not great for productivity.

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When rumours first started circulating about the Watch (or the ‘iWatch’, as it was most commonly referred to as pre-announcement), I wasn’t particularly excited. Well, not particularly excited at using one myself, anyway; as a developer for Apple platforms, I was of course interested in the prospect of a new device to make stuff for. For myself, though, I imagined it might be another superfluous distraction, a gimmick.

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I first had the need for something like JDFPeekaboo while working on ER Browser. ER Browser is a web browser, so it greatly benefits from being able to move its navigation bars and toolbars out of the way, leaving the user with the whole screen to use for their web-browsing pleasure.

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Unobtrusive Notifications

I needed a simple way to show a quick, unobtrusive notification to the user. I wanted to be able to give the user some feedback, or convey a simple message to them, without them needing to actually take any action on it.

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Easier Currency Entry

Working with monetary values is a pretty integral part of Live Poker Manager. Whilst developing the app, I needed to come up with an easy, intuitive way to allow the user to enter monetary values. Obviously, a plain old UITextField wasn’t going to cut it.

So, I created JDFCurrencyTextField. It’s a simple UITextField subclass that made entering monetary values easy for the user.

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