Unobtrusive Notifications

I needed a simple way to show a quick, unobtrusive notification to the user. I wanted to be able to give the user some feedback, or convey a simple message to them, without them needing to actually take any action on it.

I wanted it to look simple; good-looking, but no fuss. I also wanted it to be (easily) re-usable.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find much that was already available. So I made JDFNotificationView. It looks like this:


And creating a notification is as simple as this:

JDFNotificationView *notificationView = [[JDFNotificationView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Something kinda interesting happened." colour:[UIColor myColor]];
notificationView.subtitle = @"And I'm telling you about it!";
[notificationView showFromBottomOfView:self.view];

It’s pretty simple at the moment. I plan to add to it and make it more flexible in future versions.

You can find it on GitHub here and on CocoaPods.