Xcode 7 and Liftoff

I use a cool little thing called Liftoff to create new Xcode projects. Liftoff is, as the README says, a ‘CLI for creating and configuring new Xcode projects’. It’s Open Source, and maintained by thoughtbot. It’s really pretty useful, easily creating well-structured, consistent Xcode projects for you.

After upgrading to Xcode 7, though, a few seconds after opening any of my projects, Xcode would crash. Not great for productivity.

It wasn’t immediately apparent that it was related to Liftoff, but, after some expert-level Googling, I came across this issue on Liftoff’s GitHub page.

Here’s the first post, which sounds like it could be the same problem as mine:

And a few posts down, a possible solution:

Which worked. That is, removing Main.storyboard (and any other storyboards) from the Compile Sources build phase stopped Xcode from crashing when opening your project. A quick note: you’ll need to do this for all your targets, if you have more than one.

This could’ve proven pretty tricky to fix if I hadn’t stumbled upon that GitHub issue, so I’m posting this here as it may help someone else out.