Here are some things that I’ve worked on.

Live Poker Manager

Live Poker Manager is a simple app I wrote to allow poker players to track their winnings. I decided to write the app because it was something that I wanted to use, and there wasn’t anything on the App Store I really liked.

Check out the Live Poker Manager Website, or check out the app on the App Store.

Enterprise Sales App

A Sales App for iPad that I developed for a large Enterprise client


ER Browser

ER Browser is a cool little Web Browser for people with Dyslexia or who suffer from Visual Stress



JDFToolkit is a simple toolkit of classes and categories for common tasks when developing for iOS. I use JDFToolkit on almost every app that I work on; it aims to make common tasks quicker and easier.

Check out JDFToolkit on GitHub. You’re welcome to use it in your own apps, or to help improve it!