ER Browser

ER Browser is a cool little app from CELF Creative. It’s a web browser for iOS designed to make the web more easily readable for people with Dyslexia or who suffer with Visual Stress.

The app works by allowing the user to change certain elements of any webpage they are viewing with the press of a button. The user can choose to change the background colour of the page, the font used for text on the page (including the excellent dyslexia-friendly OpenDyslexic Font), and the font size & spacing.

The user can setup multiple themes with different combinations of these options, if they wish.

After taking over the app development at CELF, I re-wrote ER Browser from the ground up (except for the JavaScript used to apply the themes to the webpages). This became version 4.0 of ER Browser, and included a more modern UI, support for multiple browser-tabs, full-screen browsing, multiple themes, and a custom colour picker for choosing background colours.

ER Browser is a fun project to work on. It’s really cool knowing that it is something that is so useful to the people who use it.

The app is still being actively developed, and there are some pretty cool things to come in the future.

You can find ER Browser on the App Store here.